Eureka Library Providing “Muzzy Online” Language Learning Service

Eureka Public Library District is pleased to announce MUZZY Online, a language learning program for children. With your EPLD library card and a connection to the internet, children and families can access the world’s #1 language program for children remotely from anywhere.

MUZZY Online is developed to use the proven power of  “see and say, listen and learn” teaching methods, creating a total learning environment. A multimedia mix of stories, songs, and interactive activities are provided in 8 different languages- English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Mandarin Chinese, immersing the child in a second language.  New vocabulary and usage are presented in a suspenseful and humorously dramatic story. With 85% of the world bilingual and yet only 19% percent of America bilingual, MUZZY Online is designed to help children learn a new language easily so they can more fully participate and compete in a bilingual world, supporting the concept promoted by many scientists that the best time to learn a second language is between the ages of 2 and 12.

MUZZY stories follow national foreign language standards which emphasize the use of functional language, repetition and “spiraling.” In MUZZY, words and concepts are first introduced, and then introduced again and again in many new contexts. The best part about MUZZY is that it makes language learning “fun” – millions of children worldwide have learned another language using MUZZY. There are over 196 games and exercises and MUZZY Online is currently available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and English (ESL/ELL).  Additional languages will be added, including Korean and Japanese.

“We are thrilled to add our library to the growing list of libraries across the country who feature MUZZY Online amongst their resources,” comments EPLD Director Nancy Scott.  “Many families recognize that learning a second language early is an advantage for life.  Other families choose MUZZY Online to support the language learning their child is already doing in school. No matter the reason, learning a language should be fun. With MUZZY Online, it definitely is.”

To learn more about MUZZY Online, stop by the library and ask for a brief introduction, or use the link to MUZZY available on the Eureka Public Library website, to get started. For additional information on MUZZY or other services offered with an EPLD card, please contact the Library at 309-467-2922.