• The national illness

    The national illness

    Many Republican leaders are leery about having their name attached to the GOP’s replacement for Obamacare, a health care overhaul they have demonized since it was passed seven…

  • The worst argument for Trumpcare

    The worst argument for Trumpcare

    Of all the arguments to make for repealing and replacing Obamacare, the very worst is that people don’t need health insurance. Yet this is a Trump administration talking point….

  • The battle of Middlebury

    The battle of Middlebury

    At Middlebury College earlier this month, Charles Murray needed a safe space — literally. In a significant escalation of the campus speech wars, protesters hooted down the conservative…

  • The Twitter tantrum subterfuge

    The Twitter tantrum subterfuge

    It’s early in his presidency, but already Donald Trump has faced one controversy after another. None has been more perilous to him than the accusation that he was elected in large…


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