• Pollyanna’s America

    Pollyanna’s America

    It’s one of our country’s most-endearing qualities. It’s also one of our most-frustrating ones: We always look for the bright spot. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news,…

  • The Transition Charade

    The Transition Charade

    For those millions of Americans who awakened to discover that their Donald Trump nightmare was not just a bad dream, the question is, What to do now? Do they accept the platitude about…

  • America Is Not a Safe Space

    America Is Not a Safe Space

    Pity the anti-Trump protesters thronging the streets of American cities. Apparently, no one ever told them that they live in a geographically, economically and ideologically varied…

  • President-Elect Trump

    There are two ways of looking at this: Donald Trump’s astonishing victory was a devastating repudiation of the status quo, an angry demand for change in a system that average Americans…


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