The Life of Riley: America is still best

Let’s start with that Malaysian flight ML370. Mainstream news casters have questioned from the start the lack of information being released to the media. The buzzword seems to be “if this happened in America.” Well, I sent CNN an email in which  I said, “It didn’t, so stop trying to use U.S. standards and deal with the issue.” Maybe the news media does have more latitude, and they are used to getting instant release of information in America, maybe we just have better communications.

Sometimes, haste is not a good thing. I remember that the major media has been in such a hurry to get the news on the air – they got the facts wrong, and, what a revoltin’ development this is!

Aside from lack of news being released, we should also look at the difference in response and perceived response. The media had a month to speculate and presume. The assumptions, based on history, is that American response would have been faster.

Then we have the Korean capsized ferry occurrence. Most of the same complaints about the slow release of information, but there are some interesting similarities to the Costa Concordia. Conflicting instructions from the crew to the passengers, the majority of the lifeboats remained board, but, the ship’s captain got off the sinking ship!

America does have reactive serrations on file. Disasters that have been considered and responses have been worked out. In some cases, have been practiced and rehearsed. We know this because of our Media. We do not know what may, or, may not, occur outside of America.


Jerry Riley comments for the News Bulletin. He is a retired telecommunications supervisor.