The Life of Riley: Gloom and Doom, a Little Light

The little light might be from a battery, and just for a short time. I believe the nation’s power grid will fail, either from natural causes, like a massive solar sunspot and energy release, human error, or an intended purpose, manmade EMP or simple computer hacking. Recently, some of the main stream news media and intelligence services have started agreeing with me.

Someone brought to my attention that I am referring to a technical downfall, and not allowing for input from our best resources – people. Linemen and power workers, who work on the equipment can wire around computers and make things work again.

Thinking about that, the information is correct – for pre-computer users. Linemen today rely on computers to the point that without the computer, they might not know how to make decisions.

New dials, would have to be built. People will have to be trained to take the place of the computers, at least till the system is back to normal. This, itself, will take months, if not years. During which, we will have no electricity, well, not in the manner we’re used to.

One argument I used was Flight 370. The mainstream news casters interviewed pilots who said that today’s pilots learn to fly using computers, so if the computer fails, they have not been taught how to fly. My opinion, same with the newer linemen.

Yeah, I hope I’m wrong, but, I doubt I am – and, what a revoltin’ development this is!


Jerry Riley comments for the News Bulletin. He is a retired telecommunications supervisor.