Community invited to discuss options for pickups as old contract ends this year

Elgin’s Strategic Plan Advisory Commission has invited residents to attend two community discussions this month about current waste hauling programs. 

The sessions will solicit ways to improve service, control costs and lower the volume of trash generated.

The Strategic Plan Advisory Commission was established in 2013 to assist the City Council and city management by providing input and direction on issues related to the city’s Strategic Plan. 

A part of those duties includes advising the council on key issues of concern to the public.

“Elgin has a reputation for having one of the finest waste programs in the area, and the cost to our residents is the lowest in the area,” said Dan Ault, senior analyst for the city. “We want to take this opportunity to discuss the changing needs and desires of our residents in the coming years and take those things into consideration when negotiating the next contract. We want to continue to provide high quality service at reasonable cost to our residents.”

The Commission will host two public meetings designed to gather input from residents on curbside trash pickup. 

Residents are invited to attend the one most convenient to their schedules.

Meeting locations, dates and times are: 

* Gail Borden Public Library, 270 N. Grove, Feb. 18, 6 p.m.

* Hawthorne Hill Nature Center, 28 Brookside Dr., Feb. 27, 6 p.m.

After 10 years, the current contract with Waste Management will expire in 2014. 

The city will solicit bids from waste haulers in the spring and will use these meetings to discuss potential additions or changes in a new contract.

Residents will be asked to share opinions on current services as well as options the city should consider as part of the new contract. 

Among the subjects that will be discussed will be controlling costs by lowering the volume of waste going to the curb through initiatives such as recycling, composting and educational campaigns.

For more information regarding the upcoming meetings please contact Cherie Murphy, staff liaison to the Strategic Plan Advisory Commission at 847-931-5667 or murphy_c@cityofelgin.org


–News Bulletin news sources