Naperville adds video to police cars

The City of Naperville has equipped 38 police cars with video systems to record every stop the officers make with video and audio that can be used as evidence in court.

Officials say the inn-car cameras, installed this month, enhance officer safety, encourage a safer working environment, protect officers and municipalities from unfounded accusations of misconduct, increase transparency, promote integrity and objectivity and offer assistance in the judicial process. 

The majority of DuPage County departments have incorporated in-car camera technology for police vehicles, and video evidence is now the expectation in DuPage County courtrooms.

“This upgrade in technology will have two benefits for our department,” said Naperville Police Chief Robert Marshall. “The video and audio can enhance our cases in the courtroom, and it can also enhance our officer’s safety in the field. We will use these videos to visually assess the tactics we are using on the street as well as identify any training gaps for improvement. A project of this magnitude can only be accomplished with a total team effort. I would like to commend the team for their efforts and assistance in making this project a success.”

The City Council approved the $295,970 purchase of the in-car video system, which is funded through DUI fees, in October 2013. For every DUI, the City receives a DUI tech fee of $350 from the State of Illinois.

“This technological advancement will be of great assistance to our officers,” stated Commander Jason Arres. “They have always performed their jobs at the highest, most professional level and the incidents that are captured by this system will only further demonstrate this.”

The system includes video cameras, data storage and the operating hardware and software in each unit. All patrol division and investigation officers received training on the new equipment in April.


Click It or Ticket­—Drivers traveling in Illinois over Memorial Day without wearing a seat belt will be targeted as part of a Illinois Click It or Ticket campaign That kicked off last week.

The Naperville Police Department is joining the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), the Illinois State Police (ISP) and hundreds of local law enforcement agencies across the state to save more lives by strongly enforcing seat belt laws.


–News Bulletin news sources