RVC student develops fishing app

Rock Valley College has announced the first app developed and successfully published by a current RVC student.

The Midwest Fishing Adventures app was developed by RVC student Josh Glovinsky. 

It is designed for people who love to fish and provides USGS (United States Geological Survey) water data, fishing maps, and fishing how-to videos.

Glovinsky went through Apple’s strict app screening and submittal process starting in December 2013. After waiting a few weeks, he received an email from Apple stating that his app was accepted.

Midwest Fishing Adventures was published to the Apple App Store in early January 2014 and is now ready to download. The app is free and designed for the iPhone, iPad or iTouch.

Midwest Fishing Adventures was developed by Glovinsky while taking the fall 2013 Mobile App Development course (CIS-280) at Rock Valley College. CIS-280 was first offered in spring 2013 and is now offered each semester by RVC Professor Chuck Konkol. Professor Konkol requires all students to create an iPhone/iPad app they would one day want to publish to the Apple App Store. Furthermore, students learn the skills to not only design and program apps but also the steps it takes to publish to the Apple App Store.

Professor Konkol says another app very close to reaching the Apple App Store is called Bubble Baller. Bubble Baller is an underwater basketball game and was developed by three RVC students who took the course in spring 2013.

For more information on the Mobile App Development course (CIS-280) at Rock Valley College, please visit http://iosatrvc.us/ or email Professor Chuck Konkol at c.konkol@rockvalleycollege.edu.


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