Eureka College Psychology Professor to Discuss Educating Millenials

EUREKA – Ann Fulop, Eureka College associate professor of psychology,  will present “Educating Millennials: Are They Really Different From Previous Generations?” at 3:15 PM, February 26 in the Gammon Room in Melick Library. The session is free and open to the public.

Fulop will offer a summary of the research literature that outlines the cultural factors that have led to the “GenMe” label for this generation. She will explore how the generational traits of entitlement and narcissism may have a negative impact on this generation’s approach to learning. Fulop has been experimenting with different classroom and course design techniques to counteract the cultural impacts. Some of the techniques have worked, and others have not, she said. Future research questions also will be discussed.

The presentation is the third of four Eureka College Faculty Colloquiums this academic year. The final presentation will be “Discovering Pi” by assistant professor of mathematics Richard Hasenauer at 3:15 PM April 9.

For more information, contact colloquiums coordinator and history professor Erika Quinn at 309-467-6417.