Woodford County Hosting a Mental Health Awareness Event

Chronicle Media

EUREKA – The Woodford County Mental Health IPLAN Committee is hosting a Mental Health Awareness Event on Thursday, March 5 at Becker Auditorium (Eureka College) from 6:30 – 8:00 PM. The event is to create awareness around mental health and reduce the barriers associated with receiving help. The public is invited welcome.

There is growing concern over the increased number of suicides in Woodford County over the past year. There have been six confirmed suicides since October of 2014. It is important to recognize the signs of depression or recognize the reasons for someone’s drug and/or alcohol use and make a plan to help. The mental health IPLAN committee understands the importance of awareness and the challenges and stigmas that come with mental health.

The main presenter is Ann Bohls from Tazwood Center for Wellness. Ann has over thirty years of mental health experience and is currently an Outpatient Mental Health Therapist. She will be talking about different roadblocks to improving mental health and how to reduce the barriers in order to lead happy, productive lives. Patty Atherton will also be sharing her personal story about her son.

Over the past decade, mental health continues to be an area of focus for the Woodford County Health Department which is responsible for conducting the Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN) which identifies three major local priorities by collecting data. The priorities that were identified included obesity, access to mental health, and substance abuse. For more information, contact the Woodford County Health Department at 309-467-3064.