The Life of Riley: Waste Your Vote?

By Jerry Riley

It is possible. Let’s explore – as only I can, or maybe only I will. I received my first email of this election season that a celebrity has announced his campaign for office – it does not matter which office As in the past many years, we may have to just vote for the lesser of the two evils – And, yes, what a revoltin’ development that is!
Don’t vote for that constitutional amendment. I, too, would like to be able to oust a dud governor, but this bill is rigged. It takes 500,000 signatures (something that is doable), but then there has to be a mix of Rep and Dem legislators agree to put it on the ballot. Either party can nix the people’s desires….just like now.
We may not be happy about it, but the major party candidates are probably the only candidates who have a chance of winning, at this time. Casting your vote for a celebrity, unknown, or even one of a minor party, or tea party candidates, may make you feel better about not voting for someone that may not appeal to you, but, the way things are structured now, would it be a wasted vote? They may be a local, or even regional favorite, but, may be stopped if the election covers a larger area. Yes, you are making a statement against a major party candidate, or the major parties, but will that have any impact when the election is over and the votes are counted?
What can we do? What’s the problem? Let’s not add to it by guessing.
Let’s not scrap an entire system if all it needs is a new part. Does the system need replaced. Or just the people within the system?
If the system needs to be replaced, what do we replace it with? Looks to me, that it might be more practical to replace the people who work within the system. We, the people, have always had the power. We call it voting – and it is time we use that power.

Jerry Riley is an occasional commentator for the News Bulletin. He is a retired telecommunications supervisor.

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