CREATIVE FAMILY FUN: Make a handprint bloom card for Mom

By Donna Erickson

Kids lend a “hand” to create Mother’s Day poster card. (Donna Erickson)

Young kids can let Mom know she’s the best, hands down, with this personalized Mother’s Day poster card. Their own handprints will create the blooms for an artful flower that Mom will treasure. Get started now, since Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8.


Here’s what you’ll need:

— 1 large, 12-inch-by-18-inch sheet of sturdy construction paper or poster board in a light color such as yellow, pink or lavender

— several sheets of construction paper in assorted colors

— colorful tissue paper, cut into thin strips

— white household glue

— empty recycled margarine or deli tub

— paintbrush, pencil and scissors


Here’s the fun:

  1. With the pencil, outline your child’s hand with fingers slightly spread apart on a piece of construction paper. Cut out tracings (you’ll need at least three per flower).
  2. Pour glue into the tub, and dilute with a few drops of water. Brush glue mixture on the cutout. Wad the tissue strips and press on cutout to decorate. Make and decorate several hand shapes using at least one hand from each child in the family. Glue the cutouts on the top half of the large sheet of construction paper in a circular pattern (with palms at center). Or arrange three hands with one hand pointing to the right, one to the left and one straight up. The pattern should resemble a flower.
  3. Cut and glue on green paper in shapes of a stem and leaves. Add a circle in a contrasting color for the center of the flower.
  4. Make a border on the poster card and write a personal greeting, such as “Best Mom, Hands Down!” or “From your little blossoms: Janelle, Mia and Emily.”

Variation: Instead of cutting a hand shape, simply place a child’s hand in poster paint (palm down) and guide the hand on the card. Gently press the hand on the paper, making sure that the palm and five fingers make a print. Repeat with another child’s hand until the flower is complete. Add paper stem, leaves and center.


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