Two face Naperville gun charges

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Tony Thompson

Two men are being held in DuPage County Jail on unrelated Naperville gun charges in unrelated incidents that occurred within minutes of each other. 

Tony Thompson, 19, a resident of the 400 block of Hillside Road in Joliet, and Trensae Ware, 24, a resident of the 1500 block of West Jefferson Avenue in Naperville, both remain in jail after DuPage Circuit Court Judge Joshua Dieden granted the state’s motion to deny the men pre-trial release. 

Thompson is charged with one count each of possession of a machine gun, a Class X felony, and possession of a firearm – no Firearm Owners Identification Card, a Class 3 felony; and two counts of aggravated use of a weapon, a Class 4 felony. 

Class X felonies are punishable by six to 30 years in prison. Class 3 felonies are punishable by up to two to five years in prison. Class 4 felonies are punishable by one to three years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000. 

In an unrelated case, Ware is charged with one count each of unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, a Class 3 felony, and reckless discharge of a firearm, a Class 4 felony. 

Shortly before 8:10 p.m. June 6, officers with the Naper

Trensae Ware

ville Police Department allegedly observed a vehicle turn out of a Wendy’s parking lot coming close to the officers’ vehicle. Police said the vehicle appeared to jerk partially into the roadway. The officers proceeded in front of the vehicle, allowed it to turn, and then made a U-turn to get behind it. Once behind the vehicle, the officers conducted a traffic stop for expired license plates. 

While speaking the driver, an officer heard what sounded like the slide of a handgun rack from inside the vehicle. 

The officer approached the individual in the passenger seat, later identified as Thompson, while awaiting backup. When backup arrived, the officer asked Thompson to exit the vehicle. 

When officers searched the vehicle, they allegedly found a Glock 17 9 mm firearm with a switch capable of making the firearm fully automatic. Police said the firearm was found underneath Thompson’s seat. 

Thompson was taken into custody at that time. 

In an unrelated incident, shortly after 8:05 p.m. June 6, Naperville police officers on patrol were traveling behind a vehicle allegedly driven by Ware, who was observed to not be wearing a seatbelt. Officers heard what sounded like a gunshot come from the vehicle and observed the vehicle lightly swerve and shake at which time a traffic stop was conducted. 

After approaching the vehicle, officers located small pieces of marijuana on the gearshift and an open bottle of tequila in the rear pocket of the passenger’s seat. All four occupants were asked to exit vehicle. 

Police allege that as Ware exited, a spent shell casing was found on the driver’s seat. The vehicle was then searched, and a loaded .45 caliber firearm was located under the front passenger seat, police said. 

The bullets contained in the firearm matched the spent shell casing found on the driver’s seat, police said. Near where the driver’s left foot would have been while seated, officers observed a bullet-hole entrance leading outward from within the vehicle, police said. They did not observe an exit hole, according to police. 

After testing all occupants, gunshot residue was only found on Ware’s hands, police said. A 9 mm handgun was also located in the rear passenger compartment of the vehicle, that did not match the discharged shell casing, police said. 

“I commend the Naperville Police Department for their efforts on these two cases,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said. “Their commitment to public safety is second to none. Once again, their efforts have led to the removal of dangerous weapons from those who are not legally allowed to possess them.” 

“We will continue to proactively patrol our town and work to get those who are illegally in possession of firearms held accountable,” said Naperville Chief of Police Jason Arres. “I continue to be thankful for the hard work our officers put in on a daily basis and the assistance we receive from State’s Attorney Berlin and his staff.” 

Both men are scheduled for arraignment July 1. Thompson’s case will be heard in front of Judge Brian Jacobs, while Ware’s case will be heard in front of Judge Daniel Guerin.