New parent policy in place at Aurora’s Fox Valley Mall

By Erika Wurst For Chronicle Media

The Fox Valley Mall management’s new security policy that states on certain days, one adult who is at least 21, may supervise as many as four youths. And those accompanying adult must show a legal photo ID. (Photo by Jack McCarthy / Chronicle Media)

In response to a large fight that recently occurred at the Fox Valley Mall, a new policy has been implemented that requires parental escorts for youths during certain designated high-traffic shopping periods.

The parental escort policy was recently announced on the mall’s Facebook page and states that on certain days, one adult who is at least 21 may supervise as many as four youths.

Parents are encouraged to check the mall’s webpage or Facebook page or to call before dropping children off unattended to ensure a parental escort period is not in effect. No parental escort periods are currently scheduled, according to the mall, but on Jan. 2, the mall implemented the policy for the first time during the hours of 4-9 p.m.

“The safety of our guests, employees, and tenants at Fox Valley Mall is our top priority,” mall representatives said in a statement. ” While we are not able to speak about the mall’s security measures in detail, please know that we work closely with local and national law enforcement on all matters relating to mall safety.”

According to the new rules, youths are not required to carry identification on their person, but accompanying adults and guests 18 to 25 years old must be prepared to show a photo ID.

The policy lists valid identification as a U.S. driver’s license, U.S. state-issued ID card, resident alien card, passport, U.S. military ID, Mexican Consulate ID and Canadian ID.

Mall-goers flocked to social media following the policy’s announcement to both complain about and praise the parental escort rule.

“I will feel safer going there with my family now,” one mother wrote in response to the mall’s announcement. “I was there the day of that terrible incident and my children were terrified. Something like this had to be done!”

The incident she is referring to occurred on Dec. 26, when a large fight broke out inside of the mall.

According to Aurora police, mall security officers called police around 6:30 p.m. after noticing a large group of teenagers begin to gather in the food court area of the mall.

Aurora Police Department spokesman Dan Ferrelli said several officers responded to the scene and told the teens to disperse, but a short while later, a large fight broke out, followed by several smaller altercations.

An Aurora Police Sergeant and a mall security guard were both battered while trying to break up the larger fight, but neither victim required immediate medical attention, according to Ferrelli.

As the situation began to quickly escalate, the crowd refused to obey orders from police and security guards. Police said some teens began throwing drinks and other items, creating further danger for shoppers.

The mall was evacuated and more than 70 law enforcement officers from across the area responded to the fight.  A total of eight juveniles were charged.

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