McLean County Board chair resigns

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Matt Sorensen, former McLean County Board chairman

Matt Sorensen, former McLean County Board chairman

Facing allegations he and a co-defendant defrauded several companies, McLean County Board chairman Matt Sorensen has stepped down from his position.

In the first full week of the new year, Sorensen’s elected colleagues discussed his future with the elected body, though the board’s legal counsel had asserted there was not a mechanism to formally remove him from office unless he is found guilty.

But on Tuesday, Jan. 12, Sorensen, a Republican, took matters into his own hands and formally submitted a letter of resignation to the board. “Current issues require that I refocus my energy and attention,” Sorensen wrote in the letter. Sorensen’s seat, which expires next year, will be filled by appointment.

In the immediate aftermath of Sorensen’s announcement, Vice Chairman John McIntyre, also a Republican, announced he would seek the chairman spot on the board.




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