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The talent of Alfred Hitchcock to create some of the most suspenseful movies in film history will be explored during a series of his work showing at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. New York Times best selling author Marc Eliot will talk about each movie and lead an audience discussion.


Well water users needed for lead test

To see if the local well water supply contains lead, 75 Peoria County residents are needed to have their well water tested for lead. The testing will be conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois and Northern Illinois University and the Peoria City/County Health Department.

Lead, which is harmful to everyone, particularly children, can be found in drinking water with public water systems. Researchers are trying to determine if it is found in private wells in Illinois.

Participating residents will be provided a well water test kit for lead and a short questionnaire about water use in the home. The water well test kit and testing are free for participants. Researchers will provide the participants with the results of the testing, including information on how to reduce any high lead levels detected. Summary results are for research only, and direct results will not be shared with government agencies. The study is expected to run through April.

To participate in this study and receive a free lead test kit, call the Peoria City/County Health Department at 309-679-6171, email or visit for more information.

Residents can sign up for city urgent messages

A new phone app will notify Peoria residents of emergency situations.

The City of Peoria has expanded the CodeRED Urgent messaging system, allowing residents to get text notifications or notifications.  CodeRED is an emergency notification system that the city will use to notify residents and businesses by telephone or wireless phone about urgent and emergency situations. The system can send a message to a specific neighborhood or the entire city.

Once signed up for CodeRED, citizens can be notified by local emergency response teams in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. Examples include: evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, law enforcement/fire emergencies and missing child reports.

Most landline phones are in the system automatically, but residents need to register their wireless phones. Residents can sign up for this free text service by visiting and clicking on the CodeRED logo, located at the lower right-hand side of the home screen.

Residents can also utilize CodeRED through the mobile app. Those who download the mobile app will receive notifications not only in Peoria County, but also anywhere they may be located when they have the location finder set on their phones.  Information will be automatically pushed to them.

To get the app, visit In order to use the app, users need to register their smartphone with a username / password.

Community advocates honored for their work

Outstanding community advocates were honored at the 2019 Neighborhood Reception hosted by the Community Development Department. This inaugural event celebrated the accomplishments and contributions of neighborhood associations and community advocates who have worked diligently with neighbors, the city and the community at large to improve the quality of life in Peoria neighborhoods.

The awards were presented Feb. 21.

The Mayor’s Award was presented to Lueshand Nunn for her efforts in the East Bluff. Nunn was acknowledged for her work in founding the East Bluff Lawn Order Program and her service as president of the East Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services. Her tireless volunteer work also connects residents with work, transportation and financial education.

The Ted Bannon “Brick” Award was presented to Molly Cadigan for her commitment to maintaining green space for future generations. Cadigan is an advocate for litter collection, and she picks up litter and waste in her extended neighborhood.  She also championed the green space at the Franklin School parking lot, at the corner of Columbia Terrace and Bestor.

The Business Award was presented to the JIMAX Corporation for its leadership in the Tireless Project. Additional volunteer work includes projects with Keep Peoria Beautiful and Habitat for Humanity.  Upon accepting the award, Jim Kosner said the company believes in the importance of giving back to the communities where they live and work.

The Richard “Fuzzy” Lenz Award was presented to Faw Lane for his contributions to his neighborhoods. His nominators noted that Lane contributes to meetings when needed, is a good listener and goes above and beyond. He was cited to be a major asset to the Tireless project and is well known for his efforts to eliminate litter in the city.

The Grassroots Award was presented to three winners who have contributed positive energy towards making effective change. The first award was presented to Chama St. Louis. She serves on the board of the East Bluff Community Center and co-founded the Black Justice Project. Her nominators stated that she inspires many with her dedication to speaking the truth and uses her power to lift marginalized voices.

Carl Cannon was the second recipient. Cannon was honored for inspiring more than 1,200 young people through his ELITE High School program over the past 11 years.

The third recipient was The Monday Gathering hosted by Sherry Cannon and Lynn Scott Pearson at the Ward Chapel Church. This weekly meeting brings people together to share information for better cooperation among people and organizations in Peoria. The group works to break down barriers and provide solutions to some of Peoria’s most pressing issues.

The Youth Award was presented to Jay “Lil’ Jay” Pearson for his positive energy and leadership at P-Town Soup events and other community meetings. He is known for his big heart and  bright smile, and has been identified as a rising star in his community and the city.

The Eric Turner Neighborhood Legacy Award was presented to LaVetta Ricca and Bernadine Nolan.  This award was named for outgoing City Councilman Eric Turner who served 24 years on the council and was a longstanding advocate for neighborhood involvement.

Ricca, a lifelong resident of the south side of Peoria, has dedicated her life to improving her corner of Peoria and is a champion of volunteerism and community involvement.

Nolan dedicates her time to clearing her neighborhood of litter and founded Dayspring Community Park in the Columbia Terrace North Neighborhood.

Film series focuses on Hitchcock’s genius

Popularly known as the master of suspense, movie director Alfred Hitchcock was well known for his use of innovative film techniques in thrillers. His genius and artistry will be explored in a series showcasing his films this month at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. Marc Eliot, New York Times bestselling author and film critic and historian, will introduce each film and lead the discussion with the audience.

Four of Hitchcock’s most critically acclaimed movies will be shown as part of “The Art of Film: Hitchcock as Master of Suspense.”

The films and their show times and dates are:

  • “Strangers on a Train,” 6 p.m. March 7;
  • “North by Northwest,” 6 p.m. March 8;
  • “Vertigo,” 6 p.m. March 9; and
  • “Psycho,” 2 p.m. March 10.

The movies will be shown in the Peoria Riverfront Museum’s Giant Screen Theater.

Eliot will analyze each film, tracing the progress of Hitchcock’s personal expression and stylistic development, and revealing the deeper meanings of his 52-film career. Eliot has chosen Hitchcock because his films are easily accessible both as vehicles of entertainment and showpieces of the art of film.

The Art of Film offers filmgoers an unprecedented 360-degree experience in which these American movie classics can be fully enjoyed with eye-opening backgrounders before each film, high-quality viewing on the largest, brightest screen with the best sound in Central Illinois, and opportunities for lively discussions, and to meet the author at book signings with several of his best biographies.

Tickets can be purchased online at General admission price is $25 per ticket and $90 for an all-access pass for all four movies. Each film ticket includes admission to film, discussion and book signing. The all-access pass includes admission to all four films, discussions, book signings, and four large popcorn and drink combos.



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