Rockford’s Public Art Trail showcases more than 100 murals, sculptures and other works

Colorful murals adorn the sides of buildings throughout Rockford and a new phone app can help identify and locate more than 100 pieces of art in and around the community.

Some of the best public artwork in the Rockford region is now as close as your phone.

A mobile app unveiled in July by the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau offers a guide to murals and other works of art along a Rockford Public Art Trail.

The Rockford area is home to more than 100 public murals and substantial works of permanent and temporary sculptures that residents and visitors can enjoy online and in person.

The region has embraced public art for decades. In recent years, a surge of interest and support has led to an infusion of art throughout the county. As inventory has grown, so has the need for a comprehensive source to showcase the works.

Rockford Public Art Trail fills the need and includes art installations owned across multiple organizations, communities, and mediums.

“Rockford has both a high quality and quantity of public art and we want to showcase that to potential visitors and our residents” said John Groh, RACVB president/CEO. “The new Rockford Public Art Trail will help RACVB celebrate and promote public art to visitors and also make it more accessible and easier to find and enjoy for our residents.”

Residents and visitors can access the online home of the trail at

where they will register for a mobile-friendly “passport”.

The passport is an online directory which allows a user to use geo-location services on their mobile device to find public art near them. Then a user simply goes to the mural or sculpture location and checks-in using their mobile device. Users can also access artist information, and history and details of the piece of art.

RACVB has been a long-time supporter of public art and in 2019 created and launched CRE8IV: transformational art.

Since then, RACVB – with the support of partner organizations and sponsors – has commissioned more than 40 large-scale murals in Rockford and Winnebago County and installed dozens of permanent and temporary works of sculpture in Rockford.

“Adding public art to public spaces enhances our neighborhoods and brings vibrancy to our

community, which is good for residents and makes our community more appealing to potential visitors,” said Groh.