Resource Center opening to help with flooding in Woodford County

Chronicle Media

Roanoke High School, 208 West High in Roanoke, will be the point place for a multiagency resource center for flooding assistance. (Photo courtesy of village of Roanoke)

A Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) will open in the village of Roanoke this Thursday to help residents recover from a recent flash flooding event.  

The MARC is a one-stop-shop for residents to access disaster related relief services and information.  The MARC brings together representatives from local and state agencies as well as essential support organizations.

“Protecting our residents and our communities is our highest priority as we navigate through the disaster recovery process,” said Illinois Emergency Management Agency Director Alicia Tate-Nadeau. “We are grateful to the local health department and various state agencies for their insight and cooperation to ensure we continue to provide the necessary resources to the residents who are recovering from this flash flood event.”

On July 15, Roanoke received at least eight inches of rain in three hours, impacting more than 123 homes and five businesses.  Several families have been displaced by torrential rains that tore the earth away from their home’s foundation. 

The rushing water also damaged Village Hall, the Public Works Building and the town’s EMS facilities. 

Residents affected by recent flooding can visit the MARC at Roanoke High School located at 208 West High in Roanoke.  The facility will be open on Thursday, July 30 from noon. to 8 p.m. 

State and local agencies offering assistance through the  MARC include:

Department on Aging:  Staff representatives will assist older adults and their family caregivers with information on services and public benefits within the community; evaluate the problems and capacities of individuals to recover from the flood and attempt to address service gaps; provide follow-up services based on the older individual’s and family caregiver’s needs; deliver information regarding the wide range of services offered by the Aging Network.

Department of Human Services: IDHS representatives will assist residents seeking to replace Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits due to the flood as well as provide access to mental health and substance abuse programs, referrals to local childcare providers and functional needs support services.

Department of Insurance: Representatives will be on hand to answer questions about individual insurance policies or questions about the insurance claim process as well as to address issues with individual insurance agents or insurance companies.

Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD): One of the most sought-after resources following any storm, including a flood, is a clean-up kit.  A clean-up kit consists of a bucket, mop, gloves, cleaning supplies, sponges, broom and a squeegee.  Representatives will be on-hand to provide these kits to residents in need. Volunteer organizations will also provide crisis counseling resources and individual case management to continue to address the needs of those impacted by recent flooding.

Upon arrival at the MARC, residents will be greeted in the parking lot and assigned a number.  Residents will be encouraged to remain in their vehicle until their number is called to discourage congregating, and to limit the number of individuals inside the building at one time. 

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, only eight people will be permitted in the building at one time and limited to one representative per family.  Special accommodations will be made for elderly residents or those with special needs.

Once your number is called, residents will be given a health screening and temperature check.  Masks are required for all individuals participating in the MARC.  If a resident does not have a mask when they arrive, one will be made available at the door.  Once the resident passes their health screening, they will be paired with a Service Ambassador who can help the residents navigate the facility and ensure their needs are addressed.  

Janitorial services will be on site to conduct cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surface areas.  Additionally, MARC representatives will be disinfecting their tables between each resident visit.  

Emergency management officials are urging residents to be aware of the flood risks in their neighborhood and know the steps to take to keep their family safe in the event of an emergency.  For more information about flood resources, visit