Central Illinois faces COVID-19 as first case reported

Chronicle Media

The Woodford County Health Department in Eureka will he working with other regional health departments on tackling coronavirus cases that appear in the area. (Photo courtesy of WCHD)

A resident of Woodford County has tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The individual was tested at a UnityPoint Clinic in Central Illinois, and positive test results were received late Friday, March 13.

Public health officials were notified immediately according to state and local public health protocols, and the individual is currently recovering at home and is in isolation.

Officials said the patient identified is a 70-year-old.

Woodford County Health officials are working closely with Peoria and Tazewell Counties as well as Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) for investigating and notifying any individuals who may have had exposure to the individual who tested positive.

“If you are sick, if you are not well, call your doctor,” said Peoria County. “It may require you are spending some time at home.”

Government agencies will help coordinate donations of food, supplies and help for those people and communities in particular need.

The care and safety of our residents is our highest priority. All partner organizations involved remain fully prepared to respond to COVID-19 cases.

Public health and hospital systems maintain highly trained infection control teams, specialized equipment and protocols consistent with the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Peoria region is taking steps to increase its testing capacity and will share new information on testing as soon as it becomes available. Individuals who have questions or concerns about COVID-19 can contact the Illinois Department of Public Health Hotline at 1-800-889-3931.

For more information on public health issues, visit your local county health department website:

Peoria City/County Health Department, http://www.peoriacounty.org/pcchd

Tazewell County Health department, http://www.tazewellhealth.org

Woodford County Health Department, http://woodfordhealth.org