LWV pushing voters to get informed, involved in November elections

The League of Women Voters at the national level has made voting rights a top issue. (Photo courtesy of lwv.org)

Voter turnout for the June Illinois primary was about 21 percent and the number of registered voters is at 8,094,014

The League of Women Voters of Illinois is encouraging all eligible voters to make sure they are registered in their county and to learn about candidate’s positions. The November election will  have congressional, state and county offices on the ballot as well as referendum.

The LWV wants voters to be informed and learn about candidates’ positions through the IllinoisVoterGuide.org. This easy to use, online resource is your one-stop-shop for all the information you need. Register online, apply for a vote by mail ballot, and find your new voting district right now.

After Sept. 28, the guide will be ready with nonpartisan information on candidates, including judges.

Candidate Forums are coming as the LWVIL will sponsor nonpartisan candidate forums or debates. Throughout the state, Leagues plan and host candidate forums at all levels of government. Forum recordings are made available in the Illinois Voter Guide and on the LWVIL website.

During the spring primary season, LWVIL partnered with Chicago ABC-7 to host the six Republican gubernatorial candidates, and local Leagues produced 33 forums, hosting a total of 95 candidates—from US Congressional, Illinois Supreme Court, State Legislative and County legislative races.


Check voting district


Post-census redistricting resulted in major changes to legislative district maps in Illinois. Do you still vote in the same district? You may be one of the many Illinois voters who no longer vote in the district in which you have voted for the past decade.

Use the “Find Your 2022 District” button in the IllinoisVoterGuide.org. This takes you to an interactive map on the Illinois State Board of Elections website. Once there, simply click on the Illinois map and enter a home address. Find your new district number under the 2022 United States congress, 2022 state senator, and 2022 state representative tabs.


Poll workers needed

LWVIL is encouraging qualified residents to sign up to work the polls this November. Democracy depends on people to make sure every election runs smoothly and everyone’s vote is counted. Poll workers help make sure we have safe, fair, and efficient elections for all.


Download and share the 2022 election calendar and Illinois Voter Guide materials from the LWVIL website. Carry the Illinois Voter Guide QR code with you. Be a resource for anyone looking for nonpartisan voting information on how to register, find their polling place, see their sample ballot and learn about candidate stances on issues.