Recap of Illinois Representatives’ Congressional Votes week of July 23

United States House of Representatives

Total House of Representatives votes

Ban on ‘Junk Insurance’ Health Plans

Voting 224 for and 184 against, the House on July 24 blocked a Democratic attempt to call up a bill (HR 6479) designed to gird the Affordable Care Act (ACA) against a new order by President Trump that would circumvent many of the law’s core provisions. The bill would effectively prohibit a revival of health insurance plans that do not meet ACA requirements such as coverage of pre-existing conditions and “essential health benefits” including maternity and pediatric care. A yes vote was in opposition to bringing the bill to the floor

  • Voting yes: Roskam, Bost, Rodney Davis, Hultgren, Shimkus, Kinzinger, LaHood
  • Voting no: Rush, Kelly, Gutierrez, Quigley, Danny Davis, Krishnamoorthi, Schakowsky, Schneider, Foster, Bustos
  • Not voting: Lipinski

Total House of Representatives votes

Broader Access to Catastrophic Plans

Voting 242 for and 176 against, the House on July 25 passed a bill (HR 6311) that would expand access to the Affordable Care Act’s catastrophic, or “copper,” health plans. Under the ACA, these low-premium plans with high deductibles can be bought inside or outside of marketplaces by persons 30 or younger and older persons deemed hardship cases. A yes vote was to send the bill to the Senate.

  • Voting yes: Roskam, Bost, Rodney Davis, Hultgren, Shimkus, Kinzinger, Bustos,LaHood
  • Voting no: Rush, Kelly, Lipinski, Gutierrez, Quigley, Danny Davis, Danny, Krishnamoorthi, Schakowsky, Schneider, Foster
  • Not voting: None

United States Senate

Total Senate votes

Refusal to Cut 2019 Spending Bill

Voting 25 for and 74 against, the Senate on July 25 defeated an amendment that sought to inflict an 11.4 percent across-the-board cut in a bill (HR 6147) still in debate that would appropriate $58.7 billion for the fiscal 2019 budgets of the Treasury and Interior departments and numerous agencies including the Environmental Protection Administration. A yes vote was to adopt the amendment.

  • Voting yes: None
  • Voting no: Richard Durbin, Tammy Duckworth
  • Not voting: None