Neighboring governors preach harm to own states

By Paul Sassone

Paul Sassone

Let impeachment procedures begin.

No, I’m not talking about the President.

The guys that should be impeached now are the governors of Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri.

Out of their own mouths they are working to reduce businesses, create unemployment and decrease tax revenue in their own states. If those aren’t impeachable offenses I don’t know what are.

With heavy-handed sarcasm, these three elected officials appear in a TV commercial “thanking” Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan for thwarting Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s programs. This thwarting

has driven businesses to shun Illinois and set up shop in their states.

Of course, these governors are not really congratulating Madigan. All three are Republicans helping out a fellow Republican, Rauner.

The implicit point of the TV ad is that if Madigan could be ousted and Rauner re-elected Illinois would become more attractive to businesses and corporations. And thus, more businesses would locate in Illinois.

If this is the case an interesting question presents itself.

Why would the governors of Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri want businesses to settle in Illinois? Some of those businesses very likely would have moved into Missouri, Wisconsin and Indiana if Illinois

remained a state unfriendly to corporations.

But if Illinois is purged of Madigan, businesses might flock to Illinois. And Missouri, Indiana and Wisconsin would lose business, which would mean fewer jobs in those three states, and less tax

revenue for social services, infrastructure, etc.

What the governors of Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri are doing each time that TV ad runs is urging economic damage on their own states.

They are putting party ahead of their duty to the citizens who elected them.

And for that, they should be impeached.


–Neighboring governors preach harm to own states–