The Life of Riley: Are UFOs Real?

By Jerry Riley


This particular question is easy to answer, as long as you remember that UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. If you see an object that is flying and you don’t know what it is – then it is really a UFO.

Now, the real question that UFOs usually bring to mind: “Is there life other than on Earth?” There are at least two sides to the story; in this vast universe, is it possible that there is life on other planets?

Some people think that the Government knows. Well, if that is the case, I doubt there is life on other planets. If there was, and our Government knew it, we’d be sending them foreign aid!

Many people, including Astronauts, swear they have seen UFOs. Some sightings have been proven hoaxes, or misunderstandings, but some remain unexplained. Seriously, are we so arrogant that we think we are the only life forms in this vast universe. (I didn’t use the term intelligent life on purpose.) NASA admits we may have killed life on Mars, mainly because we didn’t know what we were looking for. This is a very interesting admission, one I think is very significant, because, not knowing what extraterrestrial life might look like, would probably make it really hard to find!

Some people think there may be extraterrestrials on Earth. Again, not knowing what they look like, can we dismiss this thought? They may be masquerading as celebrities, rock stars, politicians – or columnists, and, what a revolting development this is!

Jerry Riley comments for the News Bulletin. He is a retired telecommunications supervisor.