The Life of Riley: It Doesn't Matter

There are more things in our lives that we have no control over than things we can control, and it doesn’t matter. We have to accept changes, especially as we grow older. Most affect me, since I didn’t use the word mature. Not to bring you down in the first paragraph, but, we are all born dying. It doesn’t matter. Remember, don’t worry about life, you’ll never get out of it alive anyway! We can often control the speed, but not the final act. It’s a fact. We do waste a lot of time worrying about things beyond our control.

It doesn’t matter what people think about us. YOU are the only one that has too think you are a good person (I know again, not me). Other people will either like you for the way you are, or they won’t. You can’t force them to like you.

Consider the issues of the day. Will they be as important next week? Next month, next year? Government always talks about a five year plan. Do you have one for your life? I mean a realistic plan – Yeah, what a revoltin’ development this is!

We sometimes call them life changing moments, when many times the moment is when you accept that your life has encountered some inevitable changes, usually over weeks or months. Changes you can’t change, so, don’t worry about it!

The time it takes someone to adjust to change depends on the person, or people, involved as well as the new situations. Sometimes, an emotional change can be more difficult than a physical change. Occasionally a physical change can also trigger an emotional change, but change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

Jerry Riley comments for the News Bulletin. He is a retired telecommunications supervisor.