GOOD HOUSEKEEPING REPORTS: Outdoor spruce-up: Refresh your porch and deck

Keep surfaces clean with a bit of dishwashing soap. ( photo)

Get rid of dirt and grime now for a summer of fun and relaxation.


Add dishwashing liquid to a bucket of warm water. With a plastic brush, gently scrub outdoor tables and chairs. To whiten dingy plastic, use an all-purpose cleaner with bleach or scrub with Good Housekeeping Seal Star Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Durable. Rinse and let dry.

Lab trick: Tip furniture on its side to drain moisture, and towel-dry joints to prevent rust. Apply a thin coat of car wax to metal pieces to help repel stains.


Check care labels to see if covers can be removed and machine-washed. Otherwise, spot-clean them with the dishwashing

liquid-and-water solution used on furniture. Rinse with a cloth, then let dry. Apply a

weather-guarding spray, like Good Housekeeping Lab pick Scotchgard Water & Sun Shield, to help keep fabric covers from fading and staining. Store them inside at night and when it rains so they’ll stay cleaner.


Take care of mold, mildew and discoloration with a commercial deck cleaner. Test a small spot, then apply, wait and hose off. Try: Good Housekeeping Lab pick 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner. Easy!


Erase leaf stains from concrete, brick or stone with a specially formulated rust remover, like Good Housekeeping Lab pick Whink Rust Oxy Stain Remover.


Follow these strategies for streak-free panes. Let the sun shine in!

Choose a cloudy day: If you do this in the blazing sun, the cleaner will dry onto the hot windows before you get to wipe it off, leaving hard-to-remove streaks. Instead, save the job for a dry, overcast day. But if the sun’s out and you’re itching to clean, start with the windows on the shady side of the house.

Dust sashes and sills first: Skip this step, and any liquid that drips onto the window frames will create a muddy mess. Always vacuum the frame, sill and sash before tackling the glass.

Be generous with your cleaner: Don’t be afraid to thoroughly spritz your windows with cleaner, especially if they are extra dirty. You need plenty to dissolve and suspend the dirt so it can be completely wiped away. Skimp, and you’ll be seeing streaks. Good Housekeeping Lab pick Invisible Glass EZ Grip Spray Glass Cleaner has a no-drip formula, so it stays where you spray it for neat and easy cleaning.

Dry with microfiber: Some folks swear by newspaper, but we find it messy and ineffective. Instead, use microfiber cloths. They are super-absorbent and washable and will leave the glass shiny and smudge-free.

Pick the right paper towel: If a paper towel is still your cloth of choice, choose one that’s up to the task. There’s nothing worse than drying with a towel that separates or leaves lots of lint behind.

Wipe both ways: Dry glass vertically on one side and horizontally on the other. Then, if there’s a streak, you’ll know which side it’s on.


Your Kitchen: Expert Advice

GH’s resident food whiz, Susan Westmoreland, shares her best tips and favorite shortcuts for cooking and entertaining.

Q: I need to up my pasta salad game. Any Ideas? — Cathy l.

A: Give one of these crowd-pleasers a try! Cook 1 pound of pasta, then mix in …

BLT salad: 1 red onion, sliced and sauteed; 8 slices cooked bacon; 1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved; and 2 cups baby arugula.

Tabbouleh salad: 1 pound tomatoes, diced; zest and juice of 1 lemon, 1/2 seedless cucumber, diced; 2 cups parsley, chopped; 1 cup mint, chopped; and 5 tablespoons olive oil.

Smoky tapas salad: 1 15-ounce can cannellini beans; 12 ounces roasted red peppers, chopped; 6 ounces Spanish chorizo, sliced; 1/4 cup olive oil; and 2 tablespoons sherry vinegar.

Q: How do I peel and devein shrimp? — Charlie C.

A: Grab your kitchen shears! Cut the shell along the outer curve, just deep enough to expose the dark vein. Peel back the shell and gently pull off the shrimp. Then remove the vein, using the tip of a small knife. Rinse the shrimp under cold running water and pat dry with paper towels.

Recalls Alert

The following products and vehicles were recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Unless otherwise indicated, discontinue use of the products immediately and return them to the store where purchased for a refund. For more information about the products, call the manufacturer or CPSC’s toll-free hotline, 800-638-2772. Only some cars or trucks recalled are affected. Contact a dealer for your model to see if it is included in the recall. The dealer will tell you what to do.


My First Porsche wooden cars, sold at Porsche dealers nationwide and online at and other websites from April 2015 through March 2018 for about $25.

Volkswagen 2009-2014 CC

2010-2014 Golf

2010-2011 Eos

2007-2010 Passat Sedan

2007-2010 Passat Wagon   

Upon deployment of the driverís frontal air bag, excessive internal pressure may cause the inflator to explode. In the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the driverís frontal air bag, the inflator could explode, with metal fragments striking the vehicle occupants potentially resulting in serious injury or death. Volkswagen will notify owners, and dealers will

replace the driverís frontal air-bag inflator with an alternative inflator for free. Owners may contact Volkswagen customer service at 800-893-5298. Volkswagenís number for this recall is 69Q9. Note: This recall partially supersedes recall 16V-078.

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GOOD HOUSEKEEPING REPORTS: Outdoor spruce-up: Refresh your porch and deck–