It’s in the box for Father’s Day: Give a “do-together” kit

By Donna Erickson

Whether Dad is an angler, photographer, gardener or cook, a colorfully decorated box filled with kid-chosen and handmade gift items that support his interest is a personalized way to celebrate his big day on Sunday, June 17.

Think of the gift as a “do-together” kit. Both Dad and the kids can enjoy using the items for a fun activity, depending on the contents. For example, if Dad is a fishing enthusiast, create a kit with new tackle, bait and snacks, and head to a favorite lake or stream together.

For the cooking dad, assemble this pizza-making kit. Dad and the kids can be shoulder to shoulder — grating cheese, slicing pepperoni and rolling out dough for a delicious, creative meal. If you include small herb pots of basil, oregano and thyme that kids choose and purchase with their own money, they can plant them together another day. Clip the growing plants for toppings on meals all summer long. Indeed, it’s the gift kit that keeps on giving.

Here’s how to create a “do-together” pizza-making kit for Dad:

Here’s the stuff you’ll need:

  • A clean, recycled cardboard box approximately 10 by 15 inches and 8 inches tall such as an Amazon shipping box.
  • Scissors.
  • Gift wrap or a roll of plain white art paper or butcher paper.
  • Tape.
  • A purchased pizza-making-related product, such as a pizza cutter, cheese grater, pizza peel, pan or a pizza cookbook.
  • Premade pizza dough or crust, pizza dough mix or premeasured dry ingredients for homemade dough.
  • Prepared toppings in a jar, such as pizza sauce, roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and olives.
  • Fresh ingredients Dad loves: wrapped cheeses, onion, garlic, pepperoni, bell peppers, tomatoes, avocado, pears and/or apples.
  • Potted herbs, such as basil, rosemary and thyme (tuck pots in brown paper lunch bags and roll down the sides to the pot rims for a nice presentation) or fresh dried herbs.
  • Homemade or purchased Father’s Day card.

Here’s the fun:

1. Remove top flaps and trim down sides of the box with scissors, if necessary.

2. Cover the outside of the box with colorful wrapping paper or butcher paper. Tape in place. If using plain paper, kids can decorate it with drawings, or write a recipe for pizza.

3. Assemble items in the box interspersed with potted herbs. Add the card last, popping out on top.


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It’s in the box for Father’s Day: Give a “do-together” kit–