GOOD HOUSEKEEPING REPORTS: Supercharge your metabolism

Don’t like what you see on the scale? Follow our metabolism-boosting tips. (Photo by Pixabay)

You diet more than ever, but you don’t weigh any less. You exercise regularly, but still feel flabby. And your once perfectly fitting clothes now seem snug.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, chances are you’re a member of the over-35 club. Like most members, you probably have a stay-slim formula that no longer seems to  work.

Don’t fret yet. There’s plenty you can do to boost the number of calories your body burns every day and thus maintain or even lose weight.

Here are some of the biggest weight-loss mistakes you can make — and their research-proven metabolism fixes. (For more metabolism-boosting tips and tricks, visit

Mistake: Relying on Just Your Scale

Basic scales, which only calculate pounds, can’t tell you what percentage of your body weight is lean, calorie-burning muscle and how much is puffy, sluggish fat.

The metabolic difference between a pound of muscle and a pound of fat is dramatic: Muscle burns at least three times more calories.

The Fix: Get an expert to weigh in. Visit your local gym (or a hospital-affiliated fitness center) and ask for a body-fat reading. People who have been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine or who are exercise physiologists should have training in body-fat analysis.

You can eyeball your fat level at home, too. “If you’ve got a poochy tummy or can pinch an inch or more of fat at your waistline or upper arm, you’re probably carrying more body fat than you should,” said Madelyn H. Fernstrom, Ph.D., clinican and health journalist. “Anything over 30 percent should be a wake-up call to make some real changes,” she adds.

Mistake: Crash Dieting

When you slash too many calories, you send your body into starvation mode. “A flat-out fast will drop the average metabolic rate by at least 25 percent,” said David C. Nieman, Dr.P.H., director of the Human Performance Lab at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, North Carolina. “If you’re on a very low-cal regimen, in the 400-calorie to 800-calorie range, it falls by 15 to 20 percent.”

Eating fewer than 900 calories a day also prompts your body to burn desirable muscle tissue as well as fat, which slows your metabolic rate even more.

The Fix: Shed pounds S-L-O-W-L-Y. “If you stay within the 1,200-calorie to 1,500-calorie range, you can still slim down — and you’ll only lower your metabolic rate about 5 percent,” explains Nieman. “What’s more, about 90 percent of the weight you lose will be fat.”

Mistake: Only Doing Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise is great for your health, but it isn’t strenuous enough to build or even preserve much muscle mass. “Only strength training creates the microscopic tears that prompt muscles to rebuild themselves,” explains Stuart M. Phillips, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

The Fix: Pump Iron. You should aim for about 40 to 60 minutes of strength training a week. Use the weight room at your local gym, or exercise with dumbbells or resistance bands at home. And once you’ve been training for a while, you’ll need to increase the weight or resistance you’re using.

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