IMSA to get $6.2 million makover of facility

An investment of $6.26 million from the State of Illinois announced recently will help renovate residence halls at the Illinois Math and Science Academy.

“IMSA attracts academically talented students from all around Illinois who are highly interested in a collaborative learning experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM),” IMSA President Catherine C. Veal said. “These students, who live at IMSA full-time, need an encouraging, modern environment and facilities to support their inquiry-based learning and advanced study,.”

All seven residence halls at IMSA will be renovated, which will include upgrading the climate control, electrical and plumbing systems and replacing windows as part of a two-phase complete renovation of the residence halls.

Each residence hall is approximately 27,850 square feet. The Illinois Capital Development Board will manage the project. The architect and engineering contract was awarded to STR Partners LLC of Chicago. 

The construction contracts were awarded to the following firms:

*  General windows and siding: Path Construction Company, Inc. of Arlington Heights, $4,397,400.

*  Heating and air conditioning: Dodson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. of Pontiac, $1,150,800.

*  Plumbing: Cryer & Olsen Mechanical, Inc. of Joliet, $178,000.

*  Electrical: Fitzgerald’s Electrical Contracting, Inc. of Big Rock, $156,900. 

In addition to the $6.26 million, State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) secured two Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity grants totaling $280,000 to be applied to the heating and air conditioning renovations.

“IMSA is a terrific asset to education across Illinois,” Holmes said. “I’ve always been proud to have such a wonderful institution in the district I’m privileged to represent. The bright and intelligent students who attend IMSA deserve comfortable accommodations while they advance their education.”

The IMSA project is part of a $31 billion Illinois Jobs Now! program, which will support more than 439,000 jobs over six years. 

Illinois Jobs Now! is the largest construction program in Illinois history, and is one of the largest construction programs in the nation.

 “By further improving the residential facilities at IMSA, we can create a more comfortable living environment for our students as they continue to learn and prepare to lead in a growing, global community,” State Representative Linda Chapa LaVia (D-Aurora) said. “Not only will this project improve the student residences, it will also bring a number of quality jobs to the area. IMSA is a world class educational institution and I look forward to continue to work with students, teachers and administrators to prepare the next generation of leaders in the fields of math and science.”

In making the announcement, Gov. Pat Quinn said the project will have multiple benefits.

“This project will improve the student environment at this prestigious academy and keep it highly competitive with similar institutions across the country,” Governor Quinn said. “The project will also employ a number of construction workers, which will drive local economy forward.”


–News Bulletin news sources