Barn Quilt_Com_pic_27_Mar_2014

 Drive through McLean or Kankakee counties in Illinois and you will frequently spot a barn with a huge quilt block mounted on it. The paintings are part of the University of Illinois Extension Barn Quilt program, and they are coming soon to Woodford County. Aimee Ingalls (left) and Amy Wuethrich met with the committee recently to continue the planning which will result in 10 ‘barn quilts’ being installed on barns in our county in 2014. News Bulletin photo.  


Barn Quilt Program Planned for Woodford County

EUREKA – Aimee Ingalls, U of I Extension Educator, met with members of the Barn Quilt Committee to continue the plans for bringing the program to Woodford County. 

Barn Quilts are 6-foot by 6-foot quilt block designs painted on plywood panels.

They are mounted on the barns of participating land owners and positioned so that they can be easily seen from the road. Colorful and intriguing, the quilts are linked by a route that is printed in a brochure that encourages locals and tourists to visit the county byways. To see examples of barn quilts in McLean County, visit

For more information or to participate in the program, call Aimee at 309-663-8306.