Baseball Trivia Quiz

As spring training draws nigh, our thoughts turn to baseball and the earnest hope that the Cubs have finally assembled a team that will contend for the division title, triumph in the playoffs, and claim a spot in the 2014 World Series. We do not ask that the Cubs win the Series, only that they are one of the teams in it. The following quiz is dedicated to Cubs fans. Answers are given at the end of the quiz.


1. Who was the Cub player who ate the ivy while playing in the outfield?

2. What Cub player was nicknamed “Swoosh”?

3. What player did the Cubs get from the Cardinals in the infamous Lou Brock trade?

4. In the infamous incident between Yogi Berra and Phil Linz aboard the team bus in 1964, what song was Phil playing on his harmonica?

5. Phil did not hear what Yogi said, so a Yankee teammate made the situation worse by saying, “He said if you’re going to play that thing, play it faster.” Who was the Yankee who said that?

6. When Bill Veeck sent the midget Eddie Gaedel up to pinch hit, what number was on Eddie’s uniform?

7. What did Eddie Gaedel have in his pocket?

8.  What did Bill Veeck tell Eddie would happen if he swung at a pitch?

9. What famous player and later a more famous manager went up to bat, tipped his cap, and a bird flew out?

10. What major league baseball player killed a seagull by throwing a baseball at it?

11. Name the major league baseball player who introduced hair driers to professional baseball.

12. When Phil Rizzuto first came up the  Yankees, the veteran players tormented him by not letting him take batting practice. What Yankee player ended the torment by saying, “Let the kid hit”? 

13. What promotion turned into a riot at White Sox’ Comiskey Park?

14. Old Sportsman’s Park in Saint Louis was once invaded by birds, but they were not Cardinals. What were they?

15. When Leo Durocher uttered his most famous line “Nice guys finish last,” what specific team was he referring to? 

16. What expression was Harry Caray famous for saying?

17. Who was pitching for the Cubs when the famous Bartman incident occurred?

18. In 1969, when the Cubs appeared headed for the World Series, what team overtook them and won the pennant?

19. What baseball pitcher did Ronald Reagan play in the movies?

20. What famous African American pitcher played for the Cleveland Indians and later the Saint Louis Browns?


Answers: 1. Jose Cardenal 2. Bill Nicholson 3. Ernie Broglio 4. ”Mary Had a Little Lamb” 5. Mickey Mantle, 6. Gaedel’s number was 1/8  7. His official major league contract, 8. Veeck told Eddie that a professional marksman with a high powered rifle would shoot him if he swung at a pitch 9. Casey Stengel 10. Dave Winfield 11. Joe Pepitone 12. Joe DiMaggio, 13. Disco Demolition Night 14. Purple Martins, 15. Mel Ott and the New York Giants 16. “Holy Cow”! 17. Mark Prior 18. New York Mets 19. Grover Cleveland Alexander 20. Satchel Paige.