Tim Jenkins_as_Burrus_Dickinson_2014_bw


EUREKA – The weather for the 6th Annual Olio Cemetery Walk turned out to be perfect, and people thronged to hear the re-enactments of five people who were notable in making Eureka what it is today. Top to bottom: Tim Jenkins portrayed Burrus Dickinson right down to his broomstick cane; 

Kirsti McDonnell brought Anna Ludwig to life; Hanna Lane was the lovable Sis Carney; Kirsten Franz portrayed Sarah Jane Davidson Crawford, and Joel Shoemaker told the story of Michael Pifer. The event was sponsored by the Woodford County Historical Society and the Eureka College Theatre Department with assistance from Olio Township Cemetery and Eureka College’s Communications & Marketing Department.

Photos by Jerry Riley and Karen Fyke.


Kirsti McDonnell_as_Anna_Ludwig_2014_bw

Hannah Lane_as_Sis_Carney_2014_bw

Sarah Crawford_by_Jerry_Riley_2014_bw

Joel Shoemaker_as_Michael_Pifer_2014_bw