Woodford Republicans Take Stand on Two April 9 Ballot Issues

Vote “NO” On Higher Taxes

The Woodford County Republican Party opposes the 1% sales tax hike proposed on the April 9th ballot and urges you to vote “NO.”

Economic growth is slowed down when government burdens it with additional tax. Under this measure, our rate of 8.25% will be higher than Tazewell County (6.75%), Morton (7%), Bloomington/Normal (7.75%), and East Peoria (8%). Businesses will not locate here as their prices will be less competitive, and consumers will not shop here as they will buy cheaper in East Peoria, Bloomington, and Morton.

We believe in local control and funding of our schools. When we pay a dollar to the schools in property tax, that dollar is collected by the County, and deposited into the schools’ accounts here. It never leaves the County, the school gets every penny, every citizen can account for it by going to the courthouse, and there are no strings attached.

Under this new tax, every dollar collected for the schools is sent to Springfield. Two percent is then deducted to line Springfield’s pockets, never to return. Then, the same Springfield currently not paying the money it has promised, promises to return the remainder to your local schools. There is no accounting method for this; no one from the County, the schools, or the public will be able to tell if the State is paying the portion due.

This ballot measure will neither reduce your property tax burden, nor will it limit future property tax increases; it only creates a new tax which will hurt our local economy and take money out of the County.

We cannot support a scheme which sends more money to the State, hoping they send us crumbs in return. We cannot support ceding more authority over our local schools to Springfield. We cannot support new taxes which hurt the citizens and businesses of the County.

We urge you to vote “NO” to higher taxes on April 9th.  


Vote “NO” On Electric Aggregation

The Woodford County Republican Party opposes the proposed electric aggregation on the April 9th ballot and urges you to vote “NO.”

Electric aggregation is based on the premise that when consumers aggregate their buying power, they can achieve lower prices than they can as individuals. In this case, the government is used as the vehicle for that aggregation, negotiating rates and contracts and then binding its residents to that contract. 

We believe this is not a proper role for government. There is no place in Woodford County for a government to abridge the individual’s freedom to contract, or in this case, freedom not to contract. The County has no business forcing residents into doing business with corporations not of the individual’s own choosing. This is merely one more shift of power from the citizen to the government.

Under this scheme, there would be a limited opportunity to opt out; however, we do not foresee that this opportunity will be evident and easy for the resident. The consequence is that once the opportunity passes, the resident will be forced to pay to get out of the contract that they didn’t make and of which they did not approve.

Moreover, this measure is being voted on county wide, even by those residents who cannot participate in the aggregation scheme because they belong to a coop. We believe that it is inappropriate that those who have no interests in the outcome have a say over the liberties and freedoms enjoyed by those vulnerable to this plan.

We believe in the principles of individual freedom and limited government, both of which are diminished by this ballot measure. While it is true a few may achieve savings under this plan, some will be faced with higher prices and everyone must deal with the true cost of an expanded government, with more power over your life and your choices.

We cannot support a scheme which forces residents to opt out if they do not want to be a part of a government run electric contract. We cannot support ceding more authority over our personal business lives to the County. We cannot support a measure where those unaffected by the effects of its passage get a say in whether it becomes law.

We urge you to vote “NO” to electrical aggregation on April 9th.  

[Ed.: Both statements were authorized by a vote of the County Central Committee at its March meeting.]