Jamestowne Society Forms Illinois Company

BLOOMINGTON – The Jamestowne Society is currently in the process or organizing its first Company in Illinois. On Saturday, November 17th, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Jamestowne Councilor and professional genealogist Mrs. Anne Stokes Moore of Louisville, KY, will present in the main courtroom of the McLean County Museum of History a seminar on researching Virginia genealogy and will preside over the organizing meeting of the First Illinois Company of the Jamestowne Society.

All who may believe they descend from a Jamestowne ancestor will learn of the opportunity to join. The event is free.
The settlement of the Northwest Territories and Illinois in the westward expansion from Virginia and Maryland via the National Road makes Illinois fertile ground for finding potential members. In addition to Colonial officials and clergy who lived on Jamestowne Island before 1700, qualifying ancestors include those listed in the “census” or “Muster” of 1623/4 and Stockholders in the Virginia Company of London.
You can contact Mrs. Anne Stokes Moore at maryannex2@aol.com about potential members or invite them to contact her themselves at the above email address for information about Revolutionary patriots with Jamestowne roots and/or a list of Mayflower ancestors who qualify for the Jamestowne Society.
Contact Bill Campbell at (309) 663-8021 or at bill@campbellkording.com for more information.