Ives, 6th District residents help food pantries

By Kevin Beese Staff Reporter

Larisa Calvanese (left) hands items to Jeanne Ives, Republican candidate for the 6th Congressional District, during Ives’ food drive April 25 in Downers Grove to support local food pantries. (Provided photos)

Republican congressional candidate Jeanne Ives conducted a food drive April 25 to assist local food pantries.

The candidate in the 6th Congressional District noted that due to the unprecedented events of COVID-19, local food pantries have fallen short of volunteers while the number of families seeking assistance has increased. In response, Ives and her campaign set up a food drive at three district locations — Downers Grove, Wheaton, and Palatine.

Ives noted that everyone staffing the drive wore gloves and a mask in keeping with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

Ives said hundreds of food items were collected to help restock food-pantry shelves throughout the district.

The drive ran for three hours and took place at the Downers Grove Township Republican Organization in Downers Grove, Ives for Congress office in Wheaton and Palatine Township Republican Organization in Palatine.

Food collected in congressional candidate Jeanne Ives’ food drive April 25 fills an office.

“This truly is a generous and responsive community,” Ives said of the donations. “With only about a week’s notice, people rallied to help out their neighbors in need. We are grateful to all who donated and volunteered their time.”