GOOD HOUSEKEEPING REPORTS: Five ways to fake flawless skin

Get perfect-looking skin in just five steps. (Photo by Christophe Jouany)

Achieving flawless-looking skin may be even easier than you thought — even if your skin is far from perfect. Whether your concern is age spots, fine lines or adult acne, the right makeup application can conceal your flaws while still giving you a natural finish. Follow Good Housekeeping’s easy steps to achieve a perfect-looking complexion every day.


“A primer fills in pores and fine lines so that foundation glides on evenly instead of sinking into imperfections,” said makeup artist Joanna Schlip.

But using a primer, a moisturizer, a sunscreen and a foundation results in too many layers – and a cakey finish.

Instead, choose a multitasker to prep your skin. Many primers contain moisturizing ingredients, keeping your skin fresh all day.


Picking the right foundation shade and formula guarantees a natural, not masklike, result.

“A yellowy-beige-based color works for most women,” says celebrity makeup artist and Stila Pro Artist Sarah Lucero, “and on aging skin, liquid formulas are more forgiving than powders.”

To find the right hue, swipe some on the side of your nose, the area that tends to have the most discoloration. Use a finger to blend; then evaluate.

If you’re between shades, go slightly darker; a too-light base makes skin look ashen.


A subtle touch of luminescence makes fine lines look less apparent. For foolproof application, “mix one part liquid luminizer to two parts foundation. There is no risk of overdoing one spot, since you’ll be applying it all over your face,” said Lucero.

Choose a luminizer with a warm golden base to create a healthy glow.


To hide undereye circles, select a cream concealer like Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer ($27,

A hydrating formula helps keep the product from sinking into and highlighting wrinkles. Save stick concealers, which are drier, for covering imperfections like sunspots elsewhere on your face.

In any case, apply concealer after foundation: Your skin will already look more even, so you’ll be inclined to use less.


Sweep a clean kabuki brush across your entire face after applying all your makeup, including blush or powder, for a truly flawless finish. The wide diameter and flat bristles make it excellent for seamlessly blending any residual product or lines of demarcation, said Schlip.


Best Anti-Aging Ingredients
It promises to take off years — in some cases, within minutes. Find out which ingredients you should be looking for in your products.

Dry Skin
Choose products with glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Nothing accentuates fine lines like parched skin; these moisturizers absorb and hold onto moisture from the air.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Try items with retinol, which may increase cell turnover and collagen production. Peptides are another key ingredient for keeping lines and wrinkles at bay. These proteins boost synthesis of collagen and make antioxidants more effective.

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