Finding vessels for her creativity

By Kevin Beese Staff writer

Rita Townes stands in front of some of her creations at Vessels of the Paut Neteru, located in the Far South CDC Marketplace, 837 W. 115th St., Chicago.

Rita Townes simply loves to create. 

“I’ve always been into making thin ago. 

She has been creating and selling her handmade items for the past four years. She noted she has long been interested in African art and crafting and has been selling her wares at vendor events around the city for years. 

Townes said she is “doing good” as a startup business and thrilled to be part of the Marketplace, which assists startup businesses in getting up and running. 

“I am happy to be with other business leaders,” Townes said. “It has been invaluable. There are a lot of things I have discovered being with other business owners.” 

“Opportunities like these don’t come along that easily, but this is a very unique and special opportunity; and I wish there were many more like this out there because it’s very, very needed, and it’s very important to have such opportunities for us as Black people,” she said in a Far South CDC Marketplace promotional piece. 

She hopes to have her own “brick and mortar” location for her creations sometime in the not-too-distant future. 

“It is a big step, but it can be achieved,” Townes said. 

Townes noted that her business cultivates creativity, manifesting divine energies in every space where creations flow. 

“Our homes, workspace, our vehicles are not just decorated or designed without manifesting divine expressions energizing and connecting us with our divine being,” the business’ website notes. 

Townes said she gets satisfaction from people’s appreciation of her creations. 

“People enjoy Vessels’ items. When I see that, it is special,” Townes said. 

Townes’ offerings can be viewed at