Construction begins to curb flooding in Wildwood

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The flood protection is expected to significantly reduce flooding impact during larger events within the Wildwood and Willows of Grayslake subdivisions. (screen shot of Lake County video)

The Lake County Stormwater Commission, Warren Township Highway Commission, Wildwood Park District, state legislators and Lake County Board members recently gathered at the edge of Valley Lake — in unincorporated Wildwood — to mark the beginning of construction on the Wildwood Infrastructure Improvement project.

The project features the construction of a secondary storm sewer, extending from the Greentree Road/Winnebago Drive intersection and discharging into the drainage way adjacent to the Meadowbrook Estates subdivision. In addition, a new storm sewer will be constructed between Manitowoc Court and Royal Oak Lane.

Scheduled improvements also include enhancing the sediment basin to prevent pollutants from entering Valley Lake, thereby protecting its ecological health. Porous pavement will also be added to aid in managing stormwater runoff by allowing water to flow through it, reducing the volume of water going into the storm sewer system and minimizing the risk of flooding.

“In the year following the 2017 historic flooding event, we worked with the SMC team and the road district’s consulting engineer to come up with a solution to address flooding in our area,” said Warren Township Highway Commissioner Amy Sarver. “Our next problem was how to fund the project, which fortunately was solved when DCEO (Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity) funding was made available.”

The flood protection is expected to significantly reduce flooding impact during larger events within the Wildwood and Willows of Grayslake subdivisions.

“The impact of this project will not only be felt by this community for years to come, but also by our neighbors downstream along the Des Plaines River,” said Lake County Board Chair Sandy Hart. “Thanks to the efforts and collaboration between our state legislators, the Warren Township Highway Department, Wildwood Park District, SMC and the Lake County Board, that solution becomes a reality as the construction begins on this project.”

Stormwater Management Commission Executive Director Kurt Woolford said, “The Wildwood community in unincorporated Warren Township has been routinely impacted by increasing rain levels in our area. This project includes the design and construction of storm sewer upgrades and drainage system enhancements, as well as water quality improvements. The Wildwood Area Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements project is in Warren Township, but the scope of this work and its benefits is far reaching.”

The project is supported, in whole or in part, by federal award number SLT 3381, awarded to the state by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Additional funding was provided by the Warren Township Highway Commission and Wildwood Park District.

Lake County reported that the project is one of several SMC is currently overseeing in partnership with local governments to make the most of available funding in order to problem-solve flood mitigation issues throughout the county.

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