Edwardsville celebrates 100-year-old clock, time capsule

A crowd gathers around the opening of the time capsule from 1998.

(All photos courtesy of city of Edwardsville)

Crowds came out for the rededication of the historic clock in downtown Edwardsville on Saturday. May 13.

The 100-year-old 1-ton clock found a new home 25 years ago on a tower built specifically for it on North Main Street.

Former employees of the Edwardsville National Bank, elected officials, business people, residents and past and present members of the Historic Preservation Commission were present and helped plan the event.

Part of the event involved the opening of the time capsule that was embedded in the tower 25 years ago back in 1998.

The clock tower has a history dating back 100 years in downtown Edwardsville.

The city is hoping to build another time capsule to be put away and reopened in 25 years.

Memorable national events from that year included the race for the Major League Baseball single-season home run title between the Cubs’ Sammy Sosa and the Cardinals’ Mark McGwire. Photos and postcards capturing that story were found in the time capsule. The full contents of the time capsule box will be on display this summer at the Edwardsville Public Library.

The city plans on filling a new time capsule later this year that will be hidden for another 25 years.

Residents get a close up look at the contents of the clock tower time capsule from 1998.
(All photos courtesy of city of Edwardsville)