Madison County looks to hire new department heads 

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Madison County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler

Madison County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler is preparing to hire two new department heads whose responsibilities will include everything from overseeing affordable housing to more than $5million in purchasing.  

Prenzler announced that he will be accepting applications for the appointed positions of director of administrative services and community development administrator. He hopes to fill the positions as early as this month. 

“We would like to move quickly on this, but at the same time be diligent in our search for qualified candidates,” Prenzler said. 

Deadline for applications was Nov. 8. 

The administrative services position was left vacant in August after its previous director, Anthony Furhmann, was appointed as the Employment and Training Administrator. 

The Community Development position became vacant in October after the County Board voted to terminate the administrator.  

The Administrative Services position is responsible for administrating more than $5 million in annual purchases for all county departments; managing support services, which include the county’s mailroom and switchboard services; as well as overseeing human resources to include personnel and payroll services. 

The Community Development Administrator is responsible for overseeing the administrative and operational programs for federal and state grants, which includes affordable housing; managing 32 employees; as well as putting together strategic planning, resource allocation and coordination along with economic development.  




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