County releases annual yearbook honors present and past

The 2023 county yearbook can all be viewed online at

The Tazewell County Clerk & Recorder of Deeds Office released the 2023 county yearbook, a yearly publication that provides the public with the contact information for all Tazewell County government officials, offices, and departments along with all county municipality, township, school boards, and political party officials.

Each year the Tazewell County Yearbook serves as the leading reference for citizens looking to contact their elected officials, a primary statutory responsibility of the county clerk’s office.

For the cover of this year’s 2023 Tazewell County Yearbook, the office created a photo collage of historic Virginia Gov. Littleton Tazewell and signage representing the four “Tazewell communities” in the United States that are named after the historic Tazewell family of Virginia.

The photo of Littleton Tazewell was obtained by the Tazewell County Clerk’s Office from the Virginia Museum of History & Culture.

One 8×10 print of this portrait has been added to the entrance of the county clerk’s office in the McKenzie Building, 11 South 4th St., for public review. A second, much larger portrait has been added to the main floor of the Tazewell County Courthouse. Both portraits were donated by Tazewell County Clerk and Recorder of Deeds John C. Ackerman and his wife.

“I believe the history of Tazewell County is important so we can remember where we have come from” said Ackerman. “Last year, we proudly reintroduced extensive history sections to the Tazewell County Yearbook. And this year, the yearbook expanded to include the history of the individual Tazewell County, Illinois was named after. We have an amazing history here in Tazewell County, one we should all be proud of, and I want to make sure the citizens of Tazewell County have access to this history for generations to come.”

The 2023 yearbook has been transcribed by Tazewell County Deputy Clerk Bryan Karneboge and printed by the county clerk’s print shop clerk Gayle Williams. The 2023 Tazewell County Yearbook is available for free online and in print in the county clerk’s office. The county clerk’s office has copies of Tazewell County Yearbooks available for public review dating back to 1911.

View it online at