Tazewell County clerk releases new ‘I Voted’ sticker for Pekin Bicentennial

New Tazewell County “I Voted” sticker.

Pekin Bicentennial “I Voted” sticker.

All voters on Election Day, Tueseday, March 19, will receive an “I Voted” sticker at all Tazewell County polling locations.

Voters throughout the county will notice a new “I Voted” sticker this year. But residents of Pekin will receive a special “I Voted” sticker that will commemorate this year’s Pekin Bicentennial.

This is the beginning of a new initiative for all communities in Tazewell County as they celebrate their bicentennials over the next several years. Upcoming releases include 2024 Pekin Bicentennial, 2025 Washington Bicentennial, November 2026-27 Tazewell Bicentennial, and 2027 Mackinaw Bicentennial.