Log Cabin in Black Partridge Park Seeking Volunteers

Chronicle Media

a34d0c24-f5f5-418c-9a92-d274e3b6b58b_lEUREKA – The Lee Log Cabin in Metamora’s Black Partridge Park is a living testimony to the way people lived in our area 150 years ago. Built in 1836 it was moved from rural Worth Township to its present site in the 1980s. The Woodford County Historical Society has furnished and managed the cabin. The goal is to have it open for visitors from 1:00 – 4:00 PM on Sundays, April through September.

In 2014 the Society had difficulty keeping the cabin open, and this year they are recruiting volunteers to take turns opening the cabin on Sunday afternoons. The job requires unlocking the door, greeting visitors, keeping watch that things are in order, and re-locking the door at 4:00 PM. To volunteer your service, call Murllene Kramer at 367-4583 or 264-8104.