Fox Valley Park District’s first elected board is seated

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The first elected board in the Fox Valley Park District’s 70-year history was last week as seven commissioners were sworn in for duty.

The commissioners were elected during the April 4 general election from three districts – two commissioners representing each – with one commissioner elected at-large.

FVPD, the state’s second largest park district, serves 233,000 residents in Aurora, North Aurora and Montgomery.

“After 70 years and more than 800 meetings with board members appointed by the Kane County Board chairman, this is an exciting new chapter in the history of the Fox Valley Park District,” said executive director Jim Pilmer.

Incumbent Chuck Anderson, along with Matt Hicks, represent District 1, which primarily covers the service area west of the Fox River.

Jerry Butler and Mary Anne Cummings represent District 2 encompassing the central portion.

Incumbent Cynthia Penne and Holly Scholz represent District 3 that covers the north and east geographic zones.

Incumbent Alex Alexandrou is the at-large commissioner.

Following the swearing in by Associate Judge Rene Cruz, a lottery was conducted between commissioners from each district to determine the length of each representative’s terms.

Anderson, Cummings and Scholz will serve 4-year terms, while Hicks, Butler and Penne will serve two-year terms, allowing the election of future commissioners to be staggered starting with the 2019 elections. Alexandrou will serve a 4-year term.

Anderson was nominated and confirmed by his fellow commissioners as Board President – a role he was currently serving. Scholz will be Board Vice-President. Diana Erickson, senior director of finance and administration for FVPD, will serve as board treasurer and assistant secretary.

Kim Nooncaster, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director and Clerk of the Board, will serve as board secretary. Jennifer Paprocki, assistant director of finance and administration, will serve as assistant treasurer.





—  Fox Valley Park District’s first elected board is seated —