Protesters in Chicago call for Congress to protect Mueller

By Kevin Beese Staff reporter

One of the many signs that were at the rally and march. (Kevin Beese/Chronicle Media photo)

Chanting “Protect the special counsel,” “We want justice” and “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho. Trump and Pence have got to go,” protesters took to Chicago streets Thursday night, Nov. 8.

Fearful that the forced resignation of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions could lead to the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigation possible collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign in the 2016 presidential election, an estimated 2,000 people marched on Trump Tower in Downtown Chicago.

The protesters started at Federal Plaza with a rally and then, armed with signs showing their outrage, marched along Dearborn Street and Wacker Drive until arriving across from Trump Tower.

Rabbi Michael Binyosa of Chicago said it was important for people to send a message that they will not stand for injustice.

Jim Susek of Chicago holds a sign in support of Mueller. (Kevin Beese/Chronicle Media photo)

“We have an administration with only one aim: destruction, annihilation, terror, bigotry, racism, division, hatred,” Binyosa said. “With them, we have no trust, no future, no identity. They are unethical. Everything you can imagine, this regime stands for. It is not fit for this country.

“We need a new leadership. We need new ideas. We need to have people concerned about people who are suffering, those who are lost, those who are defenseless, those who don’t have a chance, those without dreams, those who are locked away in our prisons, those who don’t have food on their tables, those who don’t have a chance.”

Binyosa led protesters down Dearborn, frequently yelling to onlookers through a bullhorn, “Come join us.”

Concerns that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker could replace the special prosecutor triggered the hastily organized rally. Less than 30 hours after Whitaker’s appointment, marchers were on Downtown Chicago streets en route to Trump Tower.

Protesters stand along Wacker Drive across from Trump Tower. (Kevin Beese/Chronicle Media photo)

“This was a great start,” organizer Chris Kulfan of Chicago said, “but we have to make sure it continues. We have weeks and months to go in this fight.”

Protesters’ chants included “Wake up, Congress. Do your job” and “Whitaker must recuse.”





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— Protesters in Chicago call for Congress to protect Mueller —