Belleville man dies following shooting of GOP congressman

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James T. Hodgkinson, 66, Belleville, Ill.

A Belleville man has died from wounds he suffered after being involved in a gun battle with police after he opened fire on Republican congressmen Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Va.

James T. Hodgkinson, 66, allegedly shot and wounded Congressman and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) along with a few Capitol police officers who responded to the shooting on the morning of June 14, according to law enforcement officials.

Officials reported and President Donald Trump confirmed by 11 a.m. that Hodgkinson had died from his wounds.

Hodgkinson allegedly opened fired at a ballfield where Republican congressmen were practicing for an upcoming charity baseball game.  The game is an annual bipartisan event in which members of teams representing both parties in the House play against each other.

Hodgkinson is the former owner of JTH Inspections, a home inspection business, according to his Facebook page. He failed to renew his home inspection license upon its expiration, according to reports.

Prior to running the inspections business, he was owner and operator of JTH Construction from 1976-94.  He is listed as a carpenter and home inspector.

Several of his postings on his page indicate he was staunchly opposed to President Donald Trump, calling for his removal from office.

He had signed online petitions opposing the Republican health care bill and other Republican policies related to the environment and oil.

He made comments about money corrupting politics.

One such post read, “We Don’t Need or Deserve a Billionaire for President. There will Always be a Conflict of Interest. Millionaires are Bad Enough.”

His last post was made May 24 which was an online petition opposing the NEXUS pipeline in Michigan.

His Facebook cover photo is that of Sen. Bernie Sanders and his earlier postings from 2016 showed he strongly supported the progressive Vermont senator during his presidential bid.

He followed many progressive media programs and voices on his page.

Hodgkinson graduated from Belleville Township High School and studied classes at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus.

In addition, he took flight training classes in the early 1970s at Southwestern Illinois College, according to his Facebook page.

He has no family or relationships listed on his page and no photos of himself.

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—  Belleville named as suspect in shooting of GOP congressman